Today is the last Sunday in the ordinary time. We celebrate the solemnity of Christ the King. Jesus Christ is the king of the whole universe. He reigns over all and takes care of all. He is God in union with the Father and the Holy Spirit, from whom everything comes and shall return.

The first reading from Ezekiel emphasizes God’s role as a caring shepherd. Here we see the powerful imagery of God actively seeking out and caring for His people. It conveys a sense of God’s personal involvement and deep concern for the well-being of everyone. The promise of justice and discernment between the members of His flock reinforces the idea that God is not indifferent but intimately involved in the lives of His people.

In the second reading from St Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, He speaks of the triumph of Jesus Christ over death by His resurrection. Jesus is the King and lord of eternal life. The reading envisions a time when all opposing forces are subdued under Christ’s reign, and consequently the ultimate submission of all things to God, the last of which is death.

In the gospel according to Matthew, Jesus portrays vividly a picture of the final judgement during which the Son of man will be on His throne and judge all the nations. It emphasizes the criteria by which people will be judged by Him the King on the throne, which includes their acts of kindness, compassion, and love, especially toward those in need. Everyone will be rewarded accordingly.

Jesus’ message to us today is that He cares for all of us and the whole world. He wants all to be saved and come into His kingdom of light, the eternal kingdom where He reigns. For us to enjoy eternal happiness at the end in His kingdom, He challenges us today to live His type of life – a life of righteousness and love through our compassion and care for one another as He would, as well as those we don’t know.

That is a concrete way to make His kingdom come, and His reign to be felt in our world. Let us worship Him by keeping to this way of life.

The Announcer! – Christ The King