Cameroon Tales

The daughter of two of our parishioners works with the charity Mercy Ships.  Each week she forwards a diary of how her week has been.

Mercy Ships are a team of nurses, doctors, surgeons, and other crew members from all over the world, donating our time to help on board the world’s largest non-governmental floating hospital,  sailing directly to some of the world’s poorest people to deliver life-saving medical care and provide safe, state-of-the-art facilities in which to treat them.
For more details about the work of the Mercy Ships visit their website.

  • Sunday 26th November 2017 29/11/2017 St Peter's Pastoral Area

    Hello everyone! Well, I’ve just completed my 10th week here. The peri-op room (where I’m working) continues to be as busy as ever. This weeks interesting conditions that I’ve come across include typhoid, an infected diabetic foot ulcer, epilepsy and a few more unmentionables besides! Then there is the usual things ...

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  • Sunday 5th November 2017 21/11/2017 St Peter's Pastoral Area

    Hello everyone! Phew! …… another exhausting week. Surgeries continuing at 20 – 23/24 patients per day. It still is officially 20 patients daily, but we have last minute add-ons and some patients who have had a medical problem which needs to attending to have returned after a few days when they ...

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  • Sunday 29th October 2017 19/11/2017 St Peter's Pastoral Area

    Hello everyone! Well, it’s been an exhausting week. The surgeries continue, but the number of patients we are operating on each day is climbing slowly sometimes we have 22 or 23 daily. In a couple of week’s time will the standard daily number will be 25. We have had quite a ...

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  • Sunday 22nd October 2017 17/11/2017 St Peter's Pastoral Area

    Hello everyone! Surgeries are progressing well. We have a new Ophthalmic surgeon with us – Dr Peter Thornval from Denmark and also Dr Nuno Perriera from Portugal – although Dr Nuno is an Ophthalmologist, he is working with us on the screening team and not currently as a surgeon. We are ...

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  • Sunday 15th October 2017 15/11/2017 St Peter's Pastoral Area

    Hello everyone No long weekend this time – it’s been a busy week! We are performing approx. 20 operations per day with the occasional DNA, but they are often replaced with a patient who came on the wrong day, so the daily number stays about the same. On one day, the ...

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  • Sunday 8th October 2017 13/11/2017 St Peter's Pastoral Area

    Hello everyone! Apologies if this email has already been sent by accident – internet here can be quite unpredictable and my last email (which took nearly half an hour to write has just ‘gone’ ??????!!!!!!!!!!) Well, another week has passed by and we have had our first week of surgeries.  Things seem to have ...

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  • Sunday 1st October 2017 10/11/2017 St Peter's Pastoral Area

    Hello to everyone! Well, another week has gone by. It’s amazing how quickly time passes here. We are due to start the cataract operations on Monday, so I’m sure that time will go even more quickly once we get going! It’s been another week of preparing and organising. I helped out in ...

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  • Saturday 23rd September 2017 05/11/2017 St Peter's Pastoral Area

    Hello everyone! I arrived in Cameroon last Sunday (17th) safe and well.  All travel arrangements and flights were good.  I was on the flight from Brussels with several other Eye Team members so it was good to meet up with them.  It’s lovely when you arrive at the Ship, there were ...

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