Today is the banqueting/feasting Sunday, which comes at the end of harvest. The word of God today calls us to reflect on the theme: “God’s Banquet is ready. Are you ready to attend?” The readings speak to us about the richness of God’s heavenly feast prepared for all, to which we are invited. At his eternal feast and in his presence, we shall abide forever. But we may ask ourselves: are we getting ourselves ready for it?

In the first reading, the prophet Isaiah paints a beautiful picture of that divine banquet on God’s holy mountain, where rich and well-aged food will be provided. This imagery symbolizes the abundance of God’s blessings and the eternal joy awaiting us in His presence. It represents salvation offered to all people, regardless of their circumstances or past.

In the second reading, St. Paul speaks about his contentment in Christ. Having received the invitation to God’s grace in Christ, nothing else, no circumstance could dissuade or distract him from that invitation in Christ Jesus. God supplies all our needs according to His riches in glory. So, he is content.

This notion of contentment becomes a critique of the people who avoid God’s banquet, which the first part of Jesus’ parable in the gospel reading talks about. The parable speaks of the initial guests invited to a king’s feast, who turned down the invitation because of other things of interest to them. The second part of the parable speaks of this invitation being extended to everyone, good and bad alike. But then, one person who turned up without preparing for the feast was removed from the banquet hall.

Though God wants everyone to be saved, and He reaches out to all despite their circumstances, it doesn’t mean that we should come to God without making any spiritual effort to be “properly dressed” in his sight. What virtues are you going to wear before God? Also, if we are not contented with God, we may find ourselves seeking satisfaction away from Him and, therefore, remain in sin and disobedience. May we respond to God’s call with gratitude, trusting in His provision for our needs, and clothed in the righteousness of Christ.

The Announcer! – 28th Sunday of Ordinary Time