Sunday 4 February 2018

Hello everyone!

I am now entering my final 2 months. As of yesterday, I have 8 weeks left. The cataract surgeries are continuing at approx. 15 patients per day. I heard last week that we have operated on our 1,000 cataract patient. Feels like 10,000 sometimes! I have had my usual medical problems to deal with (diabetes, high blood pressure and a handful of dressings). You may remember several months ago that a patient came with an undiagnosed broken leg, who we had to send to the local hospital. They came back this week for their rescheduled cataract surgery with plaster cast insitu which is due to be removed next week sometime. They were delighted to have their operation at last. Glad they made it back again. Surgery slots are now almost full.

We also had French media following the Eye Team for the week. They filmed just about everything – primary screening, secondary screening, in the eye room, theatre, post-op, our Team meeting on a Tuesday evening and also in Glenn and Kim’s cabin! It was difficult at times when there is a camera permanently present, it can feel quite intrusive, but I think they were happy with the footage.

Wednesdays inservice was a talk on Plastic surgery, concentrating on skin flaps and grafts.

There was no Celebration of Sight this Friday as 6 weeks previously was the Christmas fortnight, so no surgeries were performed – therefore no patients 6 weeks later. It was an extra day off for me, but put to good use as I was on ‘cabin cleaning duty’ this week, so at least I managed to get that done while most of my cabin mates were out at work.😤

Off to Mass again this morning. Kevin is back from his training in Yaoundé, so the four of us went to Mass. It is Tracey’s last weekend, she goes home to the USA next week after a brief stopover in the UK. We decided to get a taxi back as Mass was a little longer than usual – but had to first figure out how to get in it when there are no door handles!!!!! (there was string inside that opened the door for you!!!)

I have attached a couple of photos of some of the previous Celebrations of Sight. They are quite random and not from the same day. I wanted to send some film of the dancing so you would get a feel of the atmosphere, but these ‘movies’ are too large to send as an attachment.

Hope everyone is ok. Thank you for your replies to my emails.

Take care

Melanie x