Sunday 28 January 2018

Hello everyone!

Well, another week has passed. We still remain at 15 patients per day because our Cameroonian surgeon is training. I can call this week ‘a diabetic week’ – ranging from one day when there were no diabetic patients at all (I was shocked), to the other end of the spectrum where one patient had a blood glucose reading that was off the scale!!😓

Wednesdays inservice was a talk on Regional anaesthesia (nerve blocks). It was quite informative, but didn’t mention the block used prior to cataract surgery!

On Thursday evening I went out for a (farewell) meal to the Seamans Mission again. Cheryl from Canada (nurse working in Admissions) went home on Saturday morning after a 3 month commitment. She said that she doesn’t do ‘goodbyes’ so it was just a meal out. Good group of people and also the local cat attended as many of the group ordered fish. When we got up to leave, several kittens appeared in the foyer from underneath a table – I could have stayed there for hours! They looked so cute.

Friday night movie night has returned. This week we had a film called ‘Lion’. It is a true story about a young Indian boy who becomes separated from his older brother on a long train journey. He is eventually adopted by a couple in Tasmania and as an adult begins his search for his true home. The film ends with real life footage of the reunion with his mum in his own village – we were all in tears.

The period of departing crew has come around again. I have already said goodbye to Darlene who worked in the Lab, Martine in our cabin departs on Tuesday, closely followed by several other occupants in the 2nd and 3rd week of February. There are also several other crew members who are departing at this time, some of whom I have gotten to know fairly well. It’s going to be a difficult couple of weeks.

Managed to go to Mass this morning with Tracey (someone else who leave shortly) and Virgil from the USA who only arrived yesterday. He was in the dining room this morning just after 7am (having difficulty sleeping and adjusting to the time change) and when he heard us talking about Mass he was excited to come along. Virgil is the First Officer and is here for 3 months.

That’s all the news for this week. Hope everyone is well.

Take care