Sunday 25 February 2018

Hello everyone!

I returned to work last Monday. I had another nurse (Rachael) helping me during my first few days. Rachael is the second scheduling nurse who usually works at the ophthalmic secondary screening site at the local hospital. She said she really enjoyed the change and will probably be coming again to my room to work with me when the screening ends next week. Rachael is an Ophthalmic nurse from the UK (has just retired) and she is here with her husband, Bill, who is working in the galley. It was good to have some help and a short working week, for my return to work, as I remained quite tired and it took a lot out of me. However, business as usual, and Monday started off with a patient who had recent typhoid and someone else with possible TB!!!!!! Rachael commented that the previous week (when she was covering my job) went fairly smoothly, so no surprise that it was not the same for me! I never seem to have a quiet week!

As I mentioned, it was a short week. Approx every 6 weeks or so, there is a long weekend – days off are Fri, Sat and Sun. When I came on previous services, I didn’t really appreciate the value of these, but now I am here for longer, they are like a lifeline. I was asked to join a group going to a place called Limbe for an overnight stay. Limbe is a beach town about 1 and half hour drive away. I went with 3 other girls – Katrine (Ward nurse from Germany), Jacqui (Dental nurse), and Julia (Infection control nurse) both from the UK. The hotel we stayed in was really quiet – there didn’t appear to be any other guests there! 2 of us shared a bungalow each. It was great just to be away from the ship and hear the sound of the sea. I stayed at the hotel and enjoyed a swim in the (deserted) pool while the other girls went to another beach. We had our evening meal and breakfast together. I’m still not able to eat that much yet, but it was very nice. Being ill for the last week or so has really knocked the stuffing out of me, I think I was badly in need of a break.

The weekend was rounded off with Mass on Sunday morning. It was good to attend after not managing the last 2 weeks.

I’ll end here, as getting tired already!

Hope everyone is ok, thank you for all the emails.