Sunday 21 January 2018

Hello everyone!

Just a short note this week. I have a sore throat, cough and cold, so not up to a long email. Pretty busy week as usual – attending to all the normal medical things in addition to a few unexpected wounds, recent typhoid, an unusual genetic condition and one of the day crew with suspected malaria – just my average week really!

We have also had a group of Government Officials from Senegal visiting the Ship. After the Ship has completed the next outreach to Guinea (Aug 2018 – June 2019), Senegal will be the next country to be visited (2019 – 2020). They seem quite impressed with the work that was going on, and are looking forward to the Ship arriving in Dakar, Senegal in 2019.

Wednesdays inservice was a talk on Thyroid surgery, which forms part of the general surgery which has begun recently onboard.

On Friday, I was again responsible for ensuring that crew who had signed up for the Celebration of Sight, were in the shuttle at the right time. Some visitors from the UK were among the group (senior members of a cleaning company who supply our disinfectant), they were also very pleased with everything that they saw and participated in during the week. Robin (our Ophthalmic Administrator) should be due back from the USA on Tuesday, so I may not be doing this job next week.

Had 2 swims over the weekend (probably where I picked up my cold from!). Our pool on deck 8 was pretty quiet yesterday, and the pool at the Pullman Hotel was practically deserted this morning, so I had it all to myself for about an hour!

I have not attended Mass today. Kevin, who normally comes with me, is attending a course in Yaoundé for 2 weeks so I may need to give it a miss for a short time.

Hope all is well with everyone. Thank you for the replies to my emails.

Melanie x