Sunday 11 March 2018

Hello everyone!

3 weeks left to go! My usual week of medical problems – plus a few neuro things this week – epilepsy and potentially undiagnosed Parkinson’s disease. I am continually surprised by the patients that I encounter! Secondary screening has now finished. Now that secondary screening has been completed, Rachael is now working with me in the eye room, she will continue to do so until the end of surgery (28 March).

On Wednesday evening the EYE TEAM were playing DECK DEPT in a football match on the dock. The eye team have developed a fearsome reputation as a good team – they won 1-0. Probably helped that they had so much support on the sidelines from the rest of the team! They also won their previous match, so that’s 2 played and 2 won. The next fixture is 21 March when they play against DENTAL.

On Saturday I went out with Larina (Ophthalmic Technician who was doing the Primary screening) along with 2 of her day crew for some Ice cream at Maison H. I have been there before for Ice cream, it’s really nice with plenty of selection. I had my usual lemon and mango sorbet. Mmmmmmmm .

A short note this week.

Take care

Melanie x

These are pictures of Secondary screening! When people have been reviewed at Primary screening (last weeks photos) they receive an appointment for secondary screening. There they pass through different stations which include examination under a slit lamp (photo 1), eye measurements and pressure tests (photo 2 and 3) and finally scheduled for surgery (photo 4). Dr Glenn said last week that of the 23,000 people that passed through primary screening, approx. 9,000 had gone through the secondary screening process.