Letter to Parishioners

My Dear Parishioners,

In accordance with further instructions from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Scotland regarding the challenges presented by COVID-19, the following updated provisions have been put in place in our parishes:

  1. Holy Mass Since Public Masses have been suspended and the churches closed, priests will be offering private Masses at home for the intentions of the Church and for you and yours. If you wish to have a Mass offered for a specific intention, please contact our priests. At 9:00am on Sundays we hope to be live streaming our Mass via St Margaret’s Huntly’s Facebook page. This can be shared with other parish page(s), individual accounts, and possibly posted on YouTube.
  2. Support of the Church I ask that the faithful might be willing to continue to make financial donations. I encourage you to make use of Standing Orders or online banking to make donations towards the upkeep of our churches. God bless you for your generosity.
  3. Sacrament of the Sick/Housebound The priests will normally be available to do this, but if they are not available, it is possible that an EMHC may be permitted to administer it. In either case, all the mandated hygiene precautions must be observed. With regard to visits to care homes, the advice from the professional staff of the homes on infection control is to be followed by priests and EMHCs alike.
  4. Anointing of the Sick The priests are available to administer the Sacrament of the Sick. A cotton bud (which will be burnt afterwards) will be used to anoint the recipient with the blessed oil.
  5. Baptisms No Baptisms will take place at the present time.
  6. Lenten retreat The retreat planned for April to bring together all our parishes has been postponed. May I urge you to use this period to remain spiritually connected to Christ and the Church, and with each other in prayer.
  7. Meetings The possibility of holding online meetings in the event of a local emergency arising during this period is being explored.
  8. For further information, please feel free to call either of the parish phone lines.

May God, who is always with us even in the secret corners of our hearts and homes, bless us all richly as we continue praying for the healing of the world.

Fr Kingsley Chigbo

Parish Administrator